Social Responsibility Tools Profile - SFP


Social Issues Guidance. SFP has published guidance to assist partners with resources to help address a range of social issues.  While focused on FIPs, the guidance is relevant for seafood and aquaculture supply chains.

Human Rights Risk Indicator. SFP has developed a Human Rights Risk Indicator (HRRI) for users of our Seafood Metrics reporting platform. HRRI scores are developed based on a set of public tools, and help companies identify and prioritize potentially high risk fisheries in their specific supply chain for further due diligence.

Ocean Disclosure Project. The Ocean Disclosure Project (ODP) was launched in 2015 by SFP as a reporting framework for seafood companies including retailers, suppliers, fish feed manufacturers and more, to voluntarily disclose their wild-caught and farmed seafood sourcing, alongside information on the environmental performance of each source. While ODP does not include social reporting, this voluntary disclosure is a valuable tool for driving change.  Understanding where a company’s seafood comes from is necessary to evaluate and prioritize supply chains for deeper human rights due diligence.

Partner Engagement. SFP actively encourages corporate partners and supply chain roundtable participants to conduct due diligence and address social issues in their supply chains, including providing ad hoc briefings for partners around emerging issues and developments.

Supporting Small-Scale Fishers. SFP has place-based programs around the globe to empower small-scale fishers and ensure a meaningful role for small-scale fishers in fishery management.  Priorities include:

  • Legal recognition (registration, formalization) for fishers;
  • Capacity building to enable fishery to engage with fishery management
  • Creation of official platforms where fishers can engage in meaningful dialogue with regulators


  • FishSource Scores. Two or more scores will be added to the FishSource assessment methodology to focus on issues mostly relevant to small-scale fisheries (e.g., co-management). 

For questions or additional information, please contact Dave Martin, Program Director for SFP.