Social Responsibility Resources for Seafood Businesses

Around the world, seafood production supports more than 600 million livelihoods and provides protein for more than 3 billion people. Yet significant social responsibility challenges exist in the supply chains of wild caught and farmed seafood products from around the world, supported by a growing body of evidence from NGO, government, and media reports. As of August 2023, the Certification & Ratings Collaboration’s interactive Sustainable Seafood Data Tool finds that 65% of 92 countries assessed have documented evidence of forced labor, child labor or human trafficking in their seafood sectors.

In response to these challenges, Collaboration members have developed several resources that outline key actions seafood businesses can take to improve social responsibility, and how our member organizations can support businesses in taking action. These resources include:

  • Our interactive data tool that compiles information from credible governmental and civil society sources to provide a snapshot of human rights abuses and risks in the seafood sectors of 92 countries
  • A guide for seafood business action, created by ASC, FTUSA, MBA, and SFP. While this guide is most relevant to seafood-buying companies at all levels of the supply chain, seafood producers may also find the recommendations and resources helpful.
  • An overview of Collaboration member tools and programs addressing social responsibility.

Members of the Certification and Ratings Collaboration are committed to supporting different parts of the seafood supply chain to take action, evolving our tools over time, and collaborating with others to create positive change for seafood workers, small-scale fishers and smallholder farmers, and their communities.