To accelerate the pace of improvements in fisheries and aquaculture globally, industry, NGOs and governments driving the sustainable seafood movement need a clear understanding of the current status of sustainable seafood production as well as the gaps that the movement needs to address. Sustainable Seafood: A Global Benchmark consolidates the data of individual Collaboration members into a comprehensive picture of the sustainable seafood landscape.

Sustainable Seafood: A Global Benchmark (2019)

This report, issued with the launch of the Sustainable Seafood Data Tool in 2019, provided a snapshot of global seafood rated and certified by Collaboration members, how much was in a public fishery or aquaculture improvement project, and how much needed to improve or its status was unknown.

It also included high-level snapshots of market demand for sustainable seafood, the livelihoods impacted by seafood production, and improvement priorities for wild seafood.

Finally, the report considered efforts to promote sustainability within specific sectors of the global seafood market. These snapshots illustrate progress toward sustainability or priorities for future improvement efforts. In some cases, they illustrate both.

Going forward, the Collaboration’s interactive Sustainable Seafood Data Tool replaces this benchmark report, offering seafood buyers, mid-chain suppliers, producers, and other stakeholders a means to track progress toward worldwide status of fisheries and aquaculture.