Sustainable Seafood Data Tool

The Certification & Ratings Collaboration’s Sustainable Seafood Data Tool compiles information from multiple sources about environmental performance and human rights abuses and risks in global seafood production. The tool has two components:

  • Environmental Performance. Launched in 2019 and most recently updated in 2023, this component of the data tool consolidates data from six global certification and ratings programs to provide a comprehensive overview of environmental sustainability progress and priority areas for improvement in global seafood. The next update is expected in fall 2024.
  • Human Rights Abuses and Risks. Launched in 2023, this component of the data tool compiles information from credible government and civil society reports to provide a snapshot of evidence and risks of human rights abuses in the seafood sectors of 92 seafood-producing countries. 

The Collaboration hopes a range of actors in the sustainable seafood movement will use the Sustainable Seafood Data Tool, including:

  • National, regional, and global policymakers, to inform policy decisions about resource management and human rights protections.
  • Public and private funders, to identify improvement priorities for funding.
  • Seafood businesses, to identify areas of environmental and human rights risk and opportunities to advocate for improvements.
  • Collaborations, to monitor progress and identify opportunities for collective action that advances environmental and social responsibility in global seafood.

We welcome feedback and questions about the data tool. To ask a question or make a suggestion, please contact us.

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