A clear path toward environmental sustainability and social responsibility

Five global seafood certification and ratings programs working together to coordinate our tools and increase our impact so that more seafood producers move along a clear path toward environmental sustainability and social responsibility.

Featured Project: Human Rights Abuses and Risks

The Sustainable Seafood Data Tool now summarizes data on human rights abuses in the seafood industry. The tool’s Human Rights Abuses and Risks component consolidates information from credible government and civil society organization sources for 92 countries representing more than 98% of global seafood production.

How do certification and ratings work together?

When we started working together, we received feedback that the differences and similarities between certification and ratings programs were not well understood. In response, we developed a brief that clarifies our complementary roles and how we fit into responsible sourcing policies.

Featured News

Certification and Ratings Collaboration provides tool measuring impact on seafood’s environmental performance

Updated Tool Offers Most Comprehensive Look at the Seafood Sector’s Environmental Performance

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