Sustainable Seafood Data Tool

Continued progress towards responsible seafood production requires accurate and useful information about progress to date, and priority areas for improvement. The Collaboration's interactive data tool consolidates data from five global programs to provide NGOs and businesses a more comprehensive look at seafood sustainability.

The latest version of the data tool, launched in spring 2021, includes functionality upgrades that help define the tool. Users can now filter by commodity or species, a key approach for businesses and NGOs to address sustainability. They can also differentiate certified volumes by organization — MSC, ASC, or Fair Trade USA.

The new tool offers a complete presentation of SFP's Target 75 initiative. The T75 data visualization has also improved. The tool defaults to a display of all T75 sectors, allowing users to compare volumes across sectors. Users can now implement filters for easier-to-read displays for specific sectors.

We welcome feedback on the data tool. In addition, we are engaging interested users in an interactive user experience study. If you wish to participate, or have a question or any thoughts on improving the tool, please click the Questions & Feedback button on this page.