Social Responsibility Data; Request for Proposals

Project Background

To accelerate the pace of improvements in fisheries and aquaculture globally, industry, NGOs, funders and governments driving the sustainable seafood movement need a clear understanding of the current status of sustainable seafood production that identifies the gaps that the movement needs to address. The Collaboration’s Data Tool consolidates the data of individual Collaboration members into a comprehensive picture of the sustainable seafood landscape, showing how much global seafood is currently rated and certified by Collaboration members, how much is in a public fishery or aquaculture improvement project, and how much needs to improve or is of unknown status.

The Data Tool in its current form has proven to be a useful and needed resource, however adding social performance data would add further utility. By including these additional data, we hope to be able to show on a global (then sector) level, the status of social performance in seafood production – both good and bad –  in a similar way to how the Data Tool currently represents environmental performance data.

There does not appear to be a readily available data source with this information, however, there has been a proliferation of social measurement mechanisms in the seafood space and other sectors.

The Collaboration is seeking a contractor to scope existing data sets, legislation and tools, and make a recommendation for a data source(s) that provides a baseline for social performance in seafood, at a global scale. If no ideal data sets exist, the contractor will also make recommendations for what a data set (or sets) should look like and who potential data owners/custodians are.

We anticipate that since social data sets are sparse or not well populated in terms of overall, large scale assessment – part of the work will involve collating available information and presenting an incomplete jigsaw of what is out there already. This will be helpful in highlighting what we don’t know about social performance in seafood, and directing efforts to either find the information or support improvements. The contractor will be supported by the Collaboration’s social working group and project manager, who will provide steer and iterative feedback on the scoping and recommendations.


Scope of Work & Deliverables

The contractor is expected to deliver:

  • A contact list of individuals and organisations who hold social data, and/or conduct social projects within the seafood sector, and a high-level summary of what data are (and aren’t) available.
  • Where seafood-specific data are not available, a high-level summary of available information about the workforce at a regional/country level (i.e. labour laws, migrant workforce statistics).
  • Focussing on Principle 1 of the Collaboration’s Framework for Social Responsibility in the Seafood Sector, ascertaining detailed available data for these components.
  • Development of subsequent phases to ascertain available data on principles 2 and 3 within the Framework.
  • Outreach with social data experts and data holders to better understand the parameters of the data available.
  • A compilation/summary of the data gaps.
  • Recommendations for what social data should be included in the Sustainable Seafood Data Tool, and how it should be represented on the tool.
  • If the ideal data set is not yet available, provide a recommendation for what one or more would look like and which entity or entities would be best positioned to house them.
  • Socialising these recommendations through interviews with experts and/or a group webinar or workshop, and incorporate feedback into further iterations of the recommendations.



Deliverables are expected according to the following deadlines:

Contact list developed

By August 2020

Data mapping & outreach to experts

Throughout July- December 2020

Develop recommendations

By March 2021

Socialise recommendations with experts

Throughout March – May 2021

Incorporate feedback, finalise recommendations and how it will be represented on the data Tool

Throughout May – September 2021


Selection Criteria

The successful candidate will be either an agency or individual with the following minimum experience:

  • Strong writing, research, organizational and analysis skills.
  • Working knowledge of social responsibility issues in commodities; knowledge of social issues in seafood preferred.
  • Working knowledge of international laws and agreements regarding worker protections.
  • Experience working with global and country-level data sets.

Application Instructions

Agencies or qualified individuals should submit proposals to Jackie Ireland at

Tenderers should set out how they plan to meet the task required, the resources they would commit to the task, the length of time required to do the work, who will undertake the work, and the financial charge they would make.

Applications should also include a statement of expertise and resume(s) of key staff.

Proposals to be submitted by 1 July 2020.