Special event at the 2022 UN Ocean Conference: The Road to Sustainable Aquaculture

June 28th, 13:00-14:15 PM in Side Event Room 1 at the Conference venue

UN Ocean Conference Side Event

Aquaculture has been the fastest growing protein sector over the past few decades and, developed responsibly, it has the potential to deliver social, economic and environmental benefits while helping to feed a growing global population in a sustainable, nutritious and equitable way.

This session explores the momentum building in the aquaculture sector for the development of more responsible practices framed by the SDGs. It brings together experts to discuss data tools and the development of a global roadmap that will guide the sustainable growth of aquaculture. The Blue Food Partnership Road to Sustainable Aquaculture report that will be launched just ahead of UNOC is a foundational reference for this roadmap being developed by the Partnership’s Sustainable Aquaculture Working Group. 

Chris Ninnes, ASC’s CEO and Chair of the Certification and Ratings Collaboration and the Blue Food Partnership's Sustainable Aquaculture Working Group, will open the session focussing on the current status of aquaculture and its future potential, followed by contributions of Katherine Bryar (Biomar), Jim Leape (Center for Ocean Solutions) and Dr Wendy Norden (Seafood Watch) who will discuss how to progress sustainable aquaculture at scale.

Organised by the Aquaculture Stewardship Council in collaboration with the Blue Food Partnership of the World Economic Forum’s Friends of Ocean Action and the Certification and Ratings Collaboration.

Event details

June 28th, 13:00-14:15 PM

Side Event Room 1, Conference venue, the Altice Arena

Contact us at 0031 651430760 or Desiree.pesci@asc-aqua.org


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